Cougar Town, which just got taken off the shelf, is about to premiere soon and its star talks about where the show’s leading couple are headed.

Courteney Cox, who plays Jules on the hit show, said:

“[Jules is] asked at some point what her ideal scenario would be, and she says, ‘I have no idea’ … then proceeds to rattle off everything she’s ever wanted in an engagement. It’s a really big moment for her because all of her wishes come true. At least Grayson’s version of her dreams.”

That sounds sweet. We have a strange feeling Jules is going to find it hard to deal with so many emotions. What do you think?

Here’s a little trivia: Danny Pudi’s character on Community, Abed, talked about how he was an extra on Cougar Town. Check out the Inception-esque scene of Abed on the series.

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