Demi Lovato

In a nutshell: The former Disney darling has had a pretty tough year but thankfully, seems to be recovering well. Leaving her demons far behind and breaking free from her pop shackles, the 19-year-old is venturing into new territory. We are excited.

High notes: She’s always been one of the more vocally gifted of her Disney clan. Unlike some of her peers who are guilty of auto-tuning their way to the top, Demi isn’t afraid of taking on a song and pushing herself to the limit. As a result, she is more real and heartfelt especially on emotive tracks like ‘Skyscraper’ and ‘Fix A Heart’.

Low notes: ‘Hold Up’ doesn’t quite fit in here. Coming across as a fluff piece, it’s something that we would have expected to hear in her earlier efforts, not this one that showcases a more mature Demi who has a rock angel sitting on her shoulders, whispering good advice into her ears.

Verdict: We love how she has progressed from her ‘This Is Me’ days. She’s moved out of Camp Rock and is well on her way to becoming an artiste who knows exactly who she is. Good job, Demi. We look forward to more good things from you.

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